Podcast and Radio Interviews

What if Trump Invited Kim Jong Un to Washington?

Young Voices Podcast #80

“Stop Tweeting and have Kim Jong Un to DC, and then visit North Korea. In an age of increased communication capability we are more disconnected from this foe than ever. It’s not like the era of “the red phone” with Moscow. Miscommunication can have disastrous ramifications. John was published in RealClearDefense making the case for this meeting and he joins the the show to discuss.”

North Korea and Property Rights

Young Voices Podcast #72
“Today [John Dale Grover] joins the podcast to share the latest on news of free market practices in North Korea. ICYMI this is highly unusual for North Korea but John says that necessity is pushing the dictatorial government toward making concessions to free market activity happening in the shadows.”

Podcast: Can We Afford to Keep Ignoring the Cost of War?

Young Voices Podcast #50
“War! What is it good for? And what does it cost? It seems that when countries go to war they consistently lowball both the financial cost of the conflict, and also the loss of life. John Dale Grover, a Young Voices Advocate, wrote a piece in RealClearDefense that week on this very topic and joins the show today to discuss it.”