TV Interviews

Grover Discusses a Potential Meeting of Kim and Trump

Fox 5 DC
John discusses the potential meeting of Kim and Trump, including the promises and perils of diplomacy on Fox 5 DC’s on 6:30 PM EST Friday, March 9, 2018.

Grover: “I think that nuclear weapons are the guarantee that Kim has in order to survive, both as himself and as his regime. I think that the best that can happen is that these talks can lower the likelihood of miscalculation and war. And I think that this is a lot better than trading threats and than betting into a cycle of escalation that really isn’t good for anyone.”

Grover Discusses North Korean Sanctions and the Olympics

Fox 5 DC’s On The Hill
John discusses North Korean sanctions, the possibility of diplomacy, and the backdrop of the Olympics on Fox 5 DC’s show On The Hill on 8:50 AM EST Sunday, February 25, 2018.

Grover: “I think there’s limits to how much we can accomplish with that pressure… But I think it’s important to talk. I just want to emphasize the main point is to reduce the likelihood of war, not necessarily to pursue denuclearization.”