Latest TV Interview: North Korean Sanctions, Diplomacy, and the Olympics on Fox 5 DC

John discusses North Korean sanctions, the possibility of diplomacy, and the backdrop of the Olympics on Fox 5 DC’s show On The Hill on 8:50 AM EST Sunday, February 25, 2018.


Anchor [M]: “What do you make of this past week? Not only with the Olympics, where are we with these sanctions?”

Grover: “Well thank you for having me. Essentially the sanctions that were announced recently, the sanctions are on 27 entities, 28 vessels, and the idea is to put further pressure on North Korea. So the idea is, following what Rex Tillerson said, what Ivanka said when she was in North Korea- sorry when she was in South Korea-, is the idea is you want to apply maximum economic pressure to bring North Korea to the table. And as we just saw about an hour and thirty minutes ago, it looks like they’re willing to come to the table. Basically, they told the South Korean President ‘we’re willing to talk now.’ So we’ll see what happens, hopefully something will come of this, and we have a discussion. So I think negotiations are gonna be a thing.”

Anchor [M]: “Real quick, is this a result of President’s pressure?”

Grover: “I think it has a lot to do with that. I think there’s limits to how much we can accomplish with that pressure, China a big point in question about how much we can do that. But I think it’s important to talk. I just want to emphasize the main point is to reduce the likelihood of war, not necessarily to pursue denuclearization.”

Anchor [M]: “We thank you so much.”

Grover: “Thank you.”

Anchor [F]: “Thank you for being with us today… fascinating. We appreciate it.”



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