Latest Op-Ed: Trump-Kim Summit Unlikely to Bring Full North Korea Denuclearization — but War Can Be Avoided

“Ideally, the summit will end with Kim agreeing to get rid of all his nuclear weapons. More realistically, the summit will begin discussions that will find a way to limit the North Korean nuclear threat, deter the North from ever using nuclear weapons, and require the U.S. to grudgingly accept the reality of North Korea as a nuclear power. Either way, in order for a Trump-Kim summit to succeed, the U.S. needs clear-eyed realism regarding the unlikelihood of full North Korean denuclearization, clarity on the costs of disarmament, and a recognition of the superiority of peace maintained by deterrence over choosing war.” Read more at Fox News

Latest Op-Ed: Students get Taste of Humanitarian Aid Work in 70-hour Roleplaying Simulation

“Twice every year, Adjunct Professor David J. Smith, who teaches at S-CAR, runs a graduate-level simulation of what it is like to be a first responder in a complex humanitarian and peacebuilding emergency. Professor Smith is also President of the Forage Center for Peacebuilding and Humanitarian Education, Inc., the nonprofit which oversees the 70 hour non-stop simulation in Fellsmere, Florida. This year’s spring simulation was called Coastal Promise 2018 and was set in the fictional country of Costero.” Read more at GMU S-CAR News.



Latest Op-Ed: Kim Jong-un’s Charm Offensive Won’t Last

“South Korea should talk to Kim, and so should America, mainly to lower the odds of accidental war. However, talks require realizing that nuclear weapons will not be up for serious discussion and that North Korea will continue its pattern of behavior. Sudden shifts to threats place pressure on South Korea and shifts to friendliness invite confused opponents to the bargaining table on Kim’s terms. Wise policymakers anticipate this pattern, rather than being angered or duped by it. To take Kim Jong-un’s overtures at face-value is foolish, and South Korea should assume that the Supreme Leader is after something more than the gold at these Olympics.” Read more at Real Clear Defense.

Latest TV Interview: North Korean Sanctions, Diplomacy, and the Olympics on Fox 5 DC

John discusses North Korean sanctions, the possibility of diplomacy, and the backdrop of the Olympics on Fox 5 DC’s show On The Hill on 8:50 AM EST Sunday, February 25, 2018.


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Latest Op-Ed: The Identity Crisis of Trump’s National Security Policy

“Overall, the NSS, like Trump, is long on words and short on action. The document offered an important insight into the identity struggle of Trump’s administration over whether America will be more restrained or more forceful. Trump fails to set forth a coherent strategy and to connect his ends and means. This is bad, but in an era of multiple, failed, non-ending wars, incoherence might be better than a coherent, interventionist––vision. The question of when, and how, to use force remains unsolved. How Trump looks at that question may decide whether America gets through the remaining three years of his presidency without starting another major war. American should hope that the hard lessons of the last two administrations are heeded.” Read more at Real Clear Defense.

Latest Freelance Work: Conscious Capitalism 2017 CEO Summit Profiles

Conscious Capitalism is a nonprofit that believes in a more stakeholder-oriented and long-term approach towards business as a way that can make free markets more sustainable, prosperous, and better for everyone. It is based on four principles; “Higher Purpose, Stakeholder Orientation, Conscious Leadership and Conscious Culture.”

For their Eleventh Annual CEO Summit, held in 2017, John wrote the profiles of all of the Heroes of Capitalism who were invited and featured at the Summit. These stories were about 500-700 words in length each and featured how each individual is a leader of conscious capitalism.

Below is the list of these heroes and the links to their profiles:

Lastest Op-Ed: Xi’s China Dreams Will Not Age Well

“The one child policy was meant to protect the economic engine from too many consumers, but it will end up starving that engine with too few workers. Realizing this, China allowed all families to have two children starting in 2015, but according to Beijing’s Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, this adjustment is too little, too late. There are already too many young and middle-aged people today who will be the seniors of tomorrow… In 2013, China had about 6.57 workers supporting every person 65 years of age or older. By 2050, it is projected that almost half of the entire population will be 65 years or older, meaning that there will be about 1.14 workers supporting every retiree.” Read more at Real Clear World 



Latest Research Paper: Case Study of the Minsk II Accords

“In February 2015, the Minsk II Accords were signed by leaders of Ukraine, Russia, France, Germany, and Ukrainian separatists. The goal of this document was to end armed fighting and resolve the conflict between the Ukrainian government and the secessionist oblasts of Donetsk and Luhansk. Minsk II constituted a series of thirteen steps, including a cease-fire, amnesty, local elections, and finally restoration of Ukrainian federal control but accompanied by constitutional reform. This agreement was a follow up to a previously attempted peace treaty in 2014 that had fallen apart, but Minsk II itself failed to hold. This paper examines why the first two steps in the treaty have not been upheld and uses the theories of realism and the spoiler problem as lenses through which to view the conflict. This case study concludes that the lack of consideration given to Russia and America’s interests and their ability to act as spoilers are the main reasons why the accords failed.” Read more at Beyond Intractability

Latest Podcast Interview: What if Trump Invited Kim Jong Un to Washington?

“Stop Tweeting and have Kim Jong Un to DC, and then visit North Korea. In an age of increased communication capability we are more disconnected from this foe than ever. It’s not like the era of “the red phone” with Moscow. Miscommunication can have disastrous ramifications. John was published in RealClearDefense making the case for this meeting and he joins the the show to discuss.” Listen more at Young Voices