Latest TV Interview: The Potential Meeting Between Trump and Kim on Fox 5 DC

John discusses the potential meeting of Kim and Trump, including the promises and perils of diplomacy on Fox 5 DC’s on 6:30 PM EST Friday, March 9, 2018.


Anchor [M]: “[cut off]… from Young Voices. John, where you surprised by this yesterday? Because this was, the President hinted about this big announcement at 7 o’clock, and sure enough, it stunned a lot of people.”

Grover: “Yes, actually I was surprised. I’ve written before suggesting that both leaders should be meeting but I was surprised just as much as everyone else. It’s definitely
unexpected, but I think it’s a very a welcome opportunity.”

Anchor [F]: “John there’s a lot of talk that this announcement may have been sort of a smokescreen or cover so we stop focusing on Stormy Daniels. It took some administration officials by surprise. Let’s listen to hear what Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had to say.”

Tillerson [videoclip]: “I think that this is the most forward-leaning report that we’ve had in terms of Kim Jong-un’s not just willingness, but his strong desire for talks. So I think it was really… what changed was his posture in a very dramatic way that, in all honesty, came as a bit of a surprise to us.”

Anchor [F]: “Alright, so we’ve heard from him, we also heard from the Press Secretary today. You know, if you had to put a place a bet on this, do you think this meeting would actually happen?”

Grover: “I’d say more likely not than yes, the reason- I mean more likely it would happen- and the reason for that is simply that all this groundwork has been laid. This is very unprecedented. You had that high-level official from North Korea visiting South Korea, and then you had exchange the other way. And then they relayed that, ‘hey we want this meeting to happen.’ Trump has signaled that he wants this to occur, Kim seems to be willing. The question is that caveat that the Press Secretary said, you know, verifiable denuclearization. I think that this is the big sticking point and if they can make some progress on that then it will definitely happen and if not then I’m not so sure.”

Anchor [F]: “I mean certainly we need to have some sort of a talk there, some sort of agreement. But you don’t think that this was sort of a smokescreen to change the news cycle and talk about something different?”

Grover: “No absolutely not. I don’t believe so. I think this took everyone by surprise just like the rest of us.”

Anchor [M]: “Sean mentioned Sarah Huckabee Sanders today and I want to play what she said about how other administrations have dealt with North Korea. I’ll talk to you on the other side of the sound.”

Sanders [videoclip]: “It is really clear that they misplayed it or we wouldn’t be in the position that we’re in. The President wouldn’t be having to clean up the mistakes of the previous three administrations. The President is getting promises out of North Korea that haven’t been made in any recent years.”

Anchor [M]: “It seems like the one big promise though, that this administration wants, is total denuclearization. And this is something that’s in the North Korean constitution, they’re whole existence really is predicated upon that and nothing else at this point. Do you think, I mean we’ll see them talk, but do you think anything could happen in that regard of getting rid of their nukes?”

Grover: “I really doubt it. I’m very skeptical about that. I think that nuclear weapons are the guarantee that Kim has in order to survive, both as himself and as his regime. I think that the best that can happen is that these talks can lower the likelihood of miscalculation and war. And I think that this is a lot better than trading threats and than betting into a cycle of escalation that really isn’t good for anyone.”

Anchor [M]: “We talked to-”

[part of the video here is cut out and it fades to Grover responding to a question about North Korea’s history of breaking promises.]

Grover: “I think that’s one of the main points, in fact maybe even the main point. If you look historically, that has been the pattern. North Korea will act aggressively and then suddenly they’ll put on a nice face in order to get some kind of sanctions relief or some kind of assistance and then they’ll just turn around and repeat the whole thing again. So I think we should expect them to swing back to being hostile and I think that we should be asking what they want.”

Anchor [M]: Chuckles

Anchor [F]: “Alright what comes next. John Dale Grover, thanks so much for coming in. Happy Friday to you.”

Grover: “Happy Friday.”









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